When I was diagnosed with cancer on my neck in 2010, I resolved to help others whose lives were touched by the disease. When my treatment was over, I became a participant in the YMCA of Central Kentucky's pilot group for LIVESTRONGĀ® at the YMCA, an exercise and wellness program for cancer survivors. After successfully completing my training, I became an instructor. Later, I earned certifications as a personal trainer group exercise instructor, and aquatic exercise professional, specializing in coaching seniors and people living with chronic illness. 

My mission is to help people to find the courage and strength to celebrate their lives. I am blessed to be able to call myself not just a survivor, but a cancer VICTOR, and to serve God's people in such a rewarding and joyful way. I really do have the #BestJobEver!

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Bob Johnson

Actor / Teacher / Pennsyltuckian

Courage, Strength, Compassion, Joy

Fitness to Do the Things You Love